Special Events Package

The Special Events package is for people needing assistance designing and planning a party. These hosts are busy and need a planner to help orchestrate and plan all the small, but very important, details. It is also helpful to have a planner the day of so you can enjoy mingling and entertaining your guests.

  • Plan a budget.
  • Assist in choosing a great location. Securing agreement and finalizing details with site.
  • Help design event concept, and/or themes and décor.
  • Assist in creating very unique ideas to personalize the event.
  • Assist with choosing vendors such as: Florist, photographer/videographer, caterer, rental company, lightening, band/DJ, stationary designer or calligrapher, hair and make-up stylists, dress and tuxedo rental.
  • Negotiating, finalizing agreements and acting as liaison.
  • Help secure accommodations for out of town guests.
  • Help select invitations, stationary and assist with wording.
  • Assist with putting together event weekend itinerary and maps for the guests.
  • Negotiate group room blocks.
  • Help with locating, timing & contracting transportation for you and your guests.
  • Consultation meetings throughout planning process.
  • Choreograph the event in advance.
  • Prepare a comprehensive timeline of the week leading up to and for the event.
  • Be the liaison between vendors, as well as family if necessary.
  • Confirm all vendors.
  • Orchestrate everything the week leading up to the event.
  • Full event day coordination.

Let's get started planning your special event!