Quintessential Events Talks to Brides Magazines

Quintessential Events Talks to Brides Magazines

Recently I talked with Brides magazine about wedding gift giving etiquette. We discussed everything from how much to spend if you were a bridesmaid in the wedding to what to do if it was the couple’s second or third wedding.

Here is a small excerpt from the article about getting a gift for a couple who is having a destination wedding:

If it’s a destination wedding and you have to shell out a lot for travel and lodging, you can get away with spending less on a gift. “A couple will understand if you give a smaller gift in order to travel and share in their special day,” says Alana Futcher, a Chancey Charm Richmond Wedding Planner. But Kansas City wedding planner Sarah Quinlivan thinks that only applies to traveling internationally. So if you’re only going a few states away, you might want to play it safe and get a similarly priced gift as if you were living in that city. If you’re racking up miles though, you can get away with spending closer to $50.

Here were a few other things that Whitney and I discussed about wedding gift giving:

Average Gift Cost – $50-$200 – The closer you are to the person, the more money you will spend. For example, if your sister is getting married, be prepared to spend more like $200 versus a coworker who would be $50.

Invited to Numerous Pre-Wedding Festivities – If you have attended every shower and are a part of the wedding, don’t feel pressured to buy something at each shower. Buy something at one or two, and then definitely purchase a wedding gift.

Buy off the Registry – Couples register for a reason. While they love the thoughtful picture frame, what they really need is the essentials – towels, dinnerware and sheets. So stick to the registry or better yet give them cash.

To read the full-length article in Brides, click here.

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