Quintessential Events Talks 2018 Trends with INSIDER

copper wedding table and place setting

Quintessential Events Talks 2018 Trends with INSIDER

Quintessential Events was recently interviewed by INSIDER, a national publication, on some of the top wedding trends we will see in 2018. You will see a friendly name at the top of the article discussing things such as the beautiful use of mixed metals and the explosion of the dark and moody color palette.

From the article:

Although gold and silver have long been used in weddings, more metallic hues are getting in on the fun — and you can expect to see them intermingle in 2018.

“Gold’s a staple, it’s always going to be a staple, but we saw the introduction of copper and rose gold in more recent years and those became popular,” Sarah Quinlivan, owner and lead planner at Quintessential Events told INSIDER. “Silver is starting to come back pretty hard and I know I’m pushing some of my couples to [not] just stick to a certain metal. Let’s mix it up, just to give the room and the tables a lot of texture.”

The key for couples planning their wedding is to not worry about being on trend. Instead, focus on having the day only you can have. Trends come and go, but the memories of your wedding will last forever. You do you.

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