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Expert Insight Column in LA Bride

Recently, we had the honor of being interviewed by LA Bride magazine, a global wedding magazine, for its Expert Insight column. During our interview we discussed five questions in great detail. These questions ranged from advice we would give to brides and grooms who are just starting planning to what the future of our company holds.

Perhaps our favorite question was, ‘What do you see as being the most challenging part of wedding planning for couples?’ Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The most challenging part I see for couples is two fold. The first being many think once I get my venue and dress, I am set! This couldn’t be further from the truth. These two decisions, while very important, are just the beginning. Too often I see couples spend way too much money on these two items and then the rest of the time they are scrambling to find ways to pay for everything else or cut things they really wanted.

The second is people, and in particular, other women. Two things occur when a woman gets engaged and starts planning. First, there is always a sense of comparison. I get sad when I see this. Every wedding is unique, just as every couple is different. And people should not compare their wedding to others, in any way. Second, women cannot help themselves. Your mother, the groom’s mother, the bridesmaids… they all want to make sure your day is everything you wanted it to be. They don’t realize they can be overbearing at times. I tell my couples to stay focused on them. It’s their wedding and they need to enjoy it.”

Read the entire article on LA Bride’s blog. And to learn more about what Quintessential Events can do for you, visit our planning packages page.

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