Corporate Events

Businesses have events for a variety of reasons – to raise money, increase awareness or to celebrate its employees. No matter the reason, there is no shortage of ways to create a truly unique event.


It’s not just about throwing a great party; it is about moving the company forward. When a company is considering an event it has to asks itself – what is the purpose? How will this help the company? What is my desired return on investment?


Once these are answered, the planning can truly begin. Often, company marketing departments or contacts find it necessary to bring in outside planning help. Once the marketing person begins orchestrating all the details, they realize event planning is a whole other full-time job that they don’t have the time to do.


This is where an event planner can be more then helpful. A planner can take over all the day-to-day details that can become cumbersome and time consuming. In addition, a planner can help strategize and develop a theme that will accomplish and surpass the company’s goals.


In addition to helping plan the event, I will be onsite the day of the event to orchestrate all vendors, manage the timeline, and make sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. This allows the marketing team to focus on any needs or requests from their superiors, a win-win for all parties.

Corporate Events Package

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